Bel-50 X-1

Belmont X-Calibur V B-50

The X-Calibur V dental chair carries forward the Belmont traditions of excellence in reliability, durability and patient comfort.......


Belmont Voyager II

The first impression is the one that really counts. It’s appearance and elegance will inspire confidence with both the practice team and their patients, ensuring a perfectly balanced relaxed working environment. Voyager II is a product for the 21st century setting new standards of elegance and quality.......


Biolase Waterlase MD Turbo

A “traditional” dentist uses the drill and needle for conventional dentistry. The drill works by FRICTION, which causes HEAT, which inflicts PAIN......


Denmat SOL Portable Diode Laser

The SOL Portable Diode Laser features 4 easy-to-use settings designed to simplify treatment protocols, with an additional Custom setting to address unique needs. All four settings are completely customizable, making the possibilities endless for the number of saved procedures.......


Coltene BioSonic SUVI Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler

The BioSonic SUVI is the ultimate power tool for upgrading any work environment to new levels of quality.......


DentalEZ StarDental 430 SW Handpiece

StarDental 430 Series high-speed handpiece line remains a classic favorite among dental professionals.......

Morita Lubrina-1

Morita Lubrina Handpiece Maintenance System Lubricant Air Scaler

Lubrina cleans and purges handpieces, and a variety of other equipment, via a rapid air blow system. The speed of air flow delivers superior performance in just 25 seconds per handpiece......



SEILER 202 SERIES ENT OFFICE SURGICAL MICROSCOPE has a solid track record and it has some of the same features you would expect from a more expensive surgical microscope.......

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