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Air Techniques Spectra Caries Detection Aid


The Spectra Caries Detection Aid utilizes fluorescence technology to reliably identify fissure and smooth surface caries, even when too small to be detected visually or radio­graphically.

Product Description

Patients depend on their practitioner to diagnose and locate dental decay as early as possible. Dentists depend on their diagnostic tools to eliminate the guesswork. The Spectra Caries Detection Aid utilizes fluorescence technology to reliably identify fissure and smooth surface caries, even when too small to be detected visually or radio­graphically. The Spectra shines a high-energy violet-blue light onto the tooth surface to stimulate cariogenic bacteria metabolites (porphyrins). Viewed through the onboard optical filtration and seen on the monitor, decay appears red-yellow-orange in contrast to healthy green fluorescing areas. Software interprets the data and presents a diagnostic color tooth chart and/or a numerical display. Spectra detects early and restorative-margin caries and can be used to guide caries excavation in real time. Compatible with virtually all patient management software, Spectra assesses both treatment and hygiene compliance.

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Contains: Handpiece, disposable camera covers (50), positioning spacers (10), chairside handpiece holder (1), USB cable

Key Features:

  • Spectra is the only caries detection aid that works like Doppler radar to discover caries earlier
  • NEW sleek design features a 120 degree button ring for added comfort
  • Spectra uses fluorescence to detect caries in fissures and smooth surfaces that may go unnoticed in X-ray images
  • After capturing the image within your existing imaging software, the extent of decay will be interpolated and indicated in two ways:

1. The color will be appear either blue, red, orange or yellow
2. A numerical indicator between 0 and 5 will be shown

No other caries detection aid can do this

  • Impressive, information-rich images enhance case acceptance
  • Spectra can detect decay hidden between the margins of existing composite and amalgam restorations
  • The Doppler radar-like images are easily understood and allow you to clearly show your patients how early intervention helps them
  • Spectra guides you through the caries removal process from pre-to post-procedure, ensuring that all carious dentin has been removed
  • Can be used to detect Fractured Tooth Syndrome, plaque and caries
  • The TWAIN interface allows you to integrate and save the fluoresced images into your patients database
  • Store and compare images over time to track the effect of your treatment
  • Connects to computer with USB cable

Product Warranty
36 Months

Equipment Features

Using the Spectra Caries Detection Aid camera requires simply plugging it into a USB port and activating the capture button. A hood over the tip of the camera maintains the proper distance between the lens and the surface of the tooth. Consultants reported that the resulting image was easy to read on the monitor. The color and numerical display creates a map on the surface of the tooth, guiding the dentist in diagnosis and areas to consider for treatment. For accurate results, it is critical that the surfaces to be examined are clean and free of plaque or debris. Some consultants had challenges with setting up the unit and with the VISIX software, especially integrating it with the practice management software. However, since the introduction of the TWAIN interface (after this evaluation) VISIX is no longer required to run Spectra. Forty-four percent of consultants reported that Spectra Caries Detection Aid was better than their current method of caries detection and 44% reported it was equivalent. Fifty-six percent would switch to it and 56% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Use a prophy brush to clean the grooves before scanning the tooth. Tooth must be perfectly clean and dry to avoid a false positive.
  • Integrate into dental office software for seamless transition, usage, and data storage.


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