Bien Air Dental Lubricare Maintenance Device


Bien-Air Dental Lubricare is quick, simple, and economical.

Product Description

Bien-Air Dental Lubricare is quick, simple, and economical. Featuring Bien-Air’s 2 staple maintenance products—Spray­net and Lubrifluid—each spray is specifically designed for a phase in the maintenance cycle. Spraynet is for dissolving impurities, and Lubrifluid is for effective lubrication of instruments. Lubricare and Bien-Air maintenance sprays support the daily use of your instruments. For more information,

Speed, simplicity and savings are adjectives that perfectly define Lubricare holding apparatus, especially when used with products from Bien-Air Spraynet and Lubrifluid, sprays that each correspond to a maintenance cycle phase:

Spraynet to dissolve impurities and internally and externally clean the instrument.

Lubrifluid to effectively lubricate the instruments.

Lubricare and maintenance sprays Bien-Air with you in the daily use of their instruments and guarantee both an impeccable maintenance, optimum performance and long life.


Capacity up to 4 instruments per cleaning cycle.
Cleaning Time 25 seconds per cleaning cycle; per instrument there are two durations cleaning / lubrication: Long mode and short mode.
Instrument type turbines, contra-angle handpieces.
Maintenance Cleaning and lubrication.
5 times more fuel economy than the manual maintenance. Lubricare allows maintenance cycles 400 1 bottle and 1 Lubrifluid Spraynet.
A vacuum system vacuum system removes oil vapor. A return absorbs excess lubricant to have a work area cleaner and better hygiene.
A detector Detector lubricant lubricant controls the system status and detects when lubricant failure.
Compatible Connection coupling type E according to ISO 3964 and link 4 or 5 holes turbines.
Power AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
Air pressure 0.3 ~ 0.5 MPa
Recommended air pressure 0.35 MPa
Airflow 40 ~ 60 NL / min Weight 10 kg approx.
Dimensions (including the controller)
Width 300 x Height 370 x Depth 300 mm.

Buy one Lubricare, P/N 1600915-001 and Receive:
2 extra electric handpiece couplers – P/N 1306021-001 (Unit will be equipped with 4 total)
1 can Spraynet, 500ml bottle, P/N 1600036-006
1 can Lubrifluid, 500ml bottle, P/N 1600064-006

Lubricare – Model 1600915-001

CAPACITY: Up to 4 instruments per cleaning cycle
LENGTH OF CLEANING CYCLE: 25 seconds per cleaning cycle, per instrument. Choice of 2 cleaning/lubrication modes: Long mode and Short mode
TYPE OF INSTRUMENT: Turbines, contra-angles and handpieces
MAINTENANCE: Cleaning and lubrication
CONSUMPTION: Highly economic. Lubricare uses 30% of the amount of lubricant used during manual lubrication. Lubricare allows 400 maintenance cycles with 1 bottle of Spraynet and 1 bottle of Lubrifluid
EXTRACTION SYSTEM: Removes the oil vapors. A collector absorbs the excess lubricant, to ensure a cleaner working area and improved hygiene.
LUBRICANT DETECTOR: Monitors the status of the system and detects low lubricant levels
CONNECTION: Compatible with Type E coupling as per ISO 3964 and 4- or 5-way turbine coupling
VOLTAGE: AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
AIR FLOW RATE: 40~60 Nl/min
WEIGHT: Approx. 22 lbs (10 kg)
DIMENSIONS: (including the collector): 11-13/16”W x 14-9/16”H x 11-13/16”D


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