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Kodak Carestream CR 7400 Scanner System


Kodak Carestream CR 7400 Scanner System has the ability to process intra- and extraoral images and can help make the move to digital radiography both simple and affordable

Product Description

Kodak Carestream CR 7400 Scanner System has the ability to process intra- and extraoral images and can help make the move to digital radiography both simple and affordable

Kodak Carestream CR 7400 Scanner System can be capture images on phosphor plates, digitize and then store them for easy access and sharing. Because the workflow is similar to that of traditional film, dentist can make the transition to digital radiography with minimal disruption to practice.

Easy to use


  • Similar workflow to film minimizes learning curve for you and your staff.
  • One-step process scans a full mouth series without manual intervention.
  • User-friendly interface helps make image optimization easy.
  • Built-in plate erase function eliminates double exposures and reduces plate handling for longer lasting plates.
  • FMS editor allows you to create custom mounts.


Cost-effective digital solution


  • Process both intraoral and extraoral images with one compact tabletop unit.
  • Use existing x-ray equipment, positioners and techniques.
  • Convert darkroom into revenue-generating space.


Improved Patient Care


  • Thin flexible intraoral plates, available in sizes 0-4, enhance patient comfort.
  • Sharing digital images helps improve patient education and communication.
  • Streamlined workflow minimizes the time patients must wait.


Engineered for durability


  • Innovative friction-less process extends the life of the plates and reduces artifacts.
  • Light protection pouches reduce image degradation due to exposure to light and help protect from scratches, extending the life of the plates.




  • 20 Size 2 phosphorous plates
  • 200 barrier envelopes
  • 200 light protection pouches
  • 4 different plate holders, for all plates (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Dental Imaging Software. Specialty Ortho or Oral surgery software is an additional charge.
  • Two Year Warranty

Panoramic & Pan/Ceph Plates are included

* Item include an acquisition computer.
Kodak Carestream CR 7400 Scanner System include :

Phosphor plates in fair condition include, 2-size 4, 16-size 2, 14-size 0, 2- 5×12 Panel plates with 3 flex cassettes in fair condition, 1-8×10 Ceph plate and hard cassette in good condition.   Also included, 1 open box size 4 disposable Pouches, half a box of size 4 Barrier Envelopes, 1 Box size 2 Pouches, 7 boxes size 2 Barrier Envelopes, 1box size 0 Pouches and 3 boxes Barrier Envelopes.


Technical Specifications

Imaging Technology Computed Radiography (also known as Phosphor Storage Plate)
Plate Size Panoramic 5 x 12″ / 15 x 30 cm
Cephalometric 8 x 10″ / 18 x 24 cm
Intraoral #0 – 21 x 31 mm, #1 – 24 x40 mm
#2 – 31 x 41 mm, #3 – 27 x 54 mm
#4 – 57 x 76 mm
Scan Time Panoramic 74 seconds
Intraoral- High Resolution
Intraoral- High Speed
95 seconds
Average of 10.2 seconds per image
Average of 6.7 seconds per image
Plate Erasing Automatic, built-in (manual erase feature available)
Plate Type Kodak CR imaging plates
Dimensions W 18.9″ X D 15″ X H 9.5″ or W 48 cm X D 38 cm X H 24 cm
Weight 35 lbs or 16 kg
True Image Resolution Panoramic/Cephalometric High Resolution – 7 lp/mm
High Speed – 4.5 lp/mm
Intraoral High Resolution – 10 lp/mm
High Speed – 8 lp/mm



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